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B-STOCK Cedar Raised Garden Bed Deep Kit (Double 3×6) Easy Garden Bed DIY Raised Bed Gardening Gift Idea Gardener Christmas Retirement Gift

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PLEASE NOTE: Lumber may have either minor imperfections or are slightly thinner. These are completely functional garden beds. Why not save a bit, you’re just filling them with dirt anyway! Quantities are limited to stock on hand.

No screws, tools or pounding into the ground! Simply the easiest raised beds to put together. We fit each bed prior to shipment so a quick, frustration-free installation is guaranteed. Beds can be assembled and ready to plant in as little as 5 minutes. No handyman needed! Perfect for children, seniors, busy families or those with debilitating conditions such as arthritis. Each board is inspected numerous times throughout the building process. You won’t find twisted, warped, or cracked boards here, or those with knots falling out! Made from 100% natural untreated Western Red Cedar, the professional gardener’s choice of material. Naturally rot & insect resistant. The best choice for organic vegetable gardening. Mix and match with our ever expanding selection of beds and planters as your garden grows!

Raised garden bed kit dimensions: 3 feet wide x 6 feet long (6 inches deep) and 3 feet wide x 6 feet long (6 inches deep). Depth is 12 inches when stacked. 5/8″ thick.

Constructed of sustainably managed Western Red Cedar (Rough Sawn). 100% natural and chemical free. Mortise and Tenon joinery. Simple, no tool and splinter free assembly. Easy to transport. A beautiful, double deep gardening bed. Use as two separate beds or stack them as one 12″ double deep bed. Joining brackets included. Deep beds allow more planting in a smaller space, such as Square Foot Gardening.

Made of highly revered and durable Western Red Cedar. The Hand Crafted Mortise & Tenon joints are the strongest available, while adding Old World style & charm. Extremely durable and easy to assemble, they will last for many years. Made in America with American materials.

*Inner (planting) dimensions are a bit smaller due to the mortise & tenon joints.

-Raised Garden Bed Kit Proudly Made in Homer Glen, Illinois USA.

-Constructed of Select Western Red Cedar. Aromatic and Naturally Insect & Rot Resistant.

-Handcrafted Mortise & Tenon Joinery. The Strongest Corner Joints Available.

-Easy to Assemble in Seconds, No Tools Required. Perfect for a Children’s Garden. Splinter Free!

-100% Natural and Chemical Free. Safe for Vegetables and Best for Organic Gardening.

Please contact us for a combined shipping quote for multiple items. Of course, we will always refund you the difference if you don’t!

Don’t be fooled! All cedar is not created equal.

Cedar is a broad term that can refer to a number of different wood species, and none of them have the same decay and weather-resistance properties as Western Red Cedar, the species containing natural chemical compounds that make it rot and disease resistant.

However, vague naming practices can lead to confusion and deception when trying to make the best choice. Aromatic Cedar is actually a variety of juniper tree that’s marketed under the name Aromatic Red Cedar. Port Orford Cedar is actually a variety of cypress and it’s not what you’re looking for either, if you desire true cedar.

“Cedars” are also imported from overseas, most notably Chinese cedar, explaining why exporters are eager & happy to trade on the reputation of authentic cedar. Where is your cedar coming from!

Western red cedar is the most abundant cedar available in the U.S. and Canada. Primarily grown in British Columbia, it also can be found in western Washington and Oregon. Western red cedar is also the clearest and most decay resistant cedar. Its abundance and properties make the species popular across the country. Western Red cedar is the dominant choice in the Northeast due to natural characteristics of the product that make it very stable, durable and weather resistant. Western Red Cedar is twice as stable as other softwood species. The natural oils are resistant to insects and decay.

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4 reviews for B-STOCK Cedar Raised Garden Bed Deep Kit (Double 3×6) Easy Garden Bed DIY Raised Bed Gardening Gift Idea Gardener Christmas Retirement Gift

  1. Tammy

    These were so easy to put together and look amazing in my garden.

  2. Alexis Smith

    I loved these at my community garden in Chicago, and I was happy to be able to order them again at my new home. Very well designed and great quality.

  3. Morgan Foster

    Very easy to put together and exactly what I needed to start my first raised garden!!! They look beautiful in my yard!

  4. Lindsay Baxter

    So far so good! Working on getting them filled and getting ready to plant. Easy to put together, great size, hoping to get many spring plantings in these.

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