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Birdhouse – small birdhouse, wren, chickadee house, sparrow, bird homes, patio, birding, gift, garden

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These small species birdhouses are made from solid 3/4″ Spruce wood. The toughest birdhouse you’ll ever buy, and built with longevity in mind.

They have a 1.25″ inch entrance hole designed for small birds. A 6″ depth from floor to entrance, and a 4″ x 4″ living space. These birdhouses are to species specific size and includes every feature recommended by experts.

Easy to install on any flat surface. Mounting hardware is included and ready to hang out of the box.

Each birdhouse has two mounting holes at the top and bottom of a generous 14″ long backboard. Hand sanded and hand formed corners to give it a soft aesthetic look, and also repels water quicker from the roof. We also apply food safe/bird safe oil on the outside to repel moisture, rain and snow. 1/8″ inch holes are drilled in the bottom for nest ventilation. Inside is bare non treated wood.

These birdhouses are guaranteed for 2 years! If your birdhouse does not function as intended after two years, we will send you a brand new one free. (Squirrel damage excluded).

We also sell medium sized birdhouses for larger birds, listed separately in our store.

Did you know birds also use boxes to get out of weather and in winter to stay warm?

If you need more than listed we can make multiple houses for you! Large orders welcome, and discounts on 10 or more houses. Please contact us. We can accommodate.

These handmade birdhouses are not only glued with waterproof glue, every panel is secured with 1 1/2″ ceramic coated exterior decking screws. Recessed screws on the back for a flush mount. Built solid and strong to last for years of enjoyment. They are also upcycled from wood that cannot be made into our custom shelves. Wood may have light mill marks, blemishes, knots, mixed wood species pieces and planning marks. We bring the wood back to life into a beautiful bird home.

Birdhouse in video is one of our cedar bluebird boxes, and is only an example of how to open the front for clean out, and are of the same design for cleaning. Birdhouse pictured is an example, each one is built exactly to the size of this example.

They also make a great gift idea for the bird lover in your life.

Clean out is made simple with it’s front hinged door. One screw, lift, clean, replace screw and done. Oil is not UV blocking, sun will bleach wood over time.

Suitable species for this birdhouse are Wrens, Chickadees, Warblers, Downy Woodpeckers, some sparrows and Nut Hatches, finches and more.

Bird safe.

Made in the USA.

8 reviews for Birdhouse – small birdhouse, wren, chickadee house, sparrow, bird homes, patio, birding, gift, garden

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you! We build the best quality on the market

  2. Anonymous

    We are so glad you like your birdhouse. Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Exactly what I ordered- looks great and seems very well made!

  4. Torrey Notestine

    Thank you so much for leaving a review! Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    It’s so cute! Can’t wait to put it up!

  6. Norah Scully

    Thank you so much for leaving us a review. I’m very glad you are happy with your birdhouse. We take extra steps and quantity hardware to insure your house will last for years to come.

  7. easchlangen

    We are very happy with the birdhouses. They are well-made and were carefully packaged. Thank you!

  8. Donalee LaFran

    I am pleased with the birdhouse I purchased. It arrived on time and was well packaged. Most importantly, it is very well made. I love having a way to clean out the birdhouse out once a year.

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