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Craftsman Prairie Style Bird feeder & Wright Lantern. Wooden 3D puzzle kits. DIY model you build! Mason Jar w/ Seed Not Included.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 3D Puzzle Bird Feeder and Outdoor garden lantern – Functional Art for Avian Enthusiasts

>> Small lantern currently unavailable this season, Only the Full size Birdfeeder is an option. It also makes an amazing lantern!


Welcome birds to your garden with a touch of architectural brilliance! Our meticulously crafted 3D puzzle bird feeder and lantern pays homage to the iconic design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright, seamlessly blending form and function. This bird feeder is not just a feeding station, but a piece of art that will captivate both feathered friends and human admirers alike.


• Architectural Elegance: Every piece of this bird feeder is intricately designed to reflect the essence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style. The clean lines, geometric patterns, and harmonious proportions make it a statement piece in any outdoor space.

• Laser-Cut Precision: Crafted with the utmost precision using high-quality materials, this bird feeder is a result of advanced laser-cutting techniques. The pieces fit together seamlessly, creating a durable and visually stunning structure.

• Interactive Puzzle: Assemble the bird feeder piece by piece, experiencing the joy of construction while creating a functional masterpiece. No tools or glue needed – each piece locks securely into place.

• Ample Feeding Space: The bird feeder provides ample space on all 4 sides for your avian visitors to perch and dine comfortably, accommodating various bird species and sizes.

• Multi-purpose: The Bird Feeder is a great for birds, but also makes a beautiful Lantern too! LED string lights can drop in alone, or wrapped around your feeder jar, as well.

• Easy to Fill and Clean: The feeder is designed with user convenience in mind. The roof can be easily lifted for refilling bird seeds, add a Standard Quart jar to keep the food dry and safe.

• Hang or Sit both pieces where you like. The Feeder comes with an eye hook to suspend from above, but also has a 4″ base that can sit atop a standard Post. The flat base also makes it safe for table use.

• Perfect Gift: Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a bird lover, or simply someone who appreciates unique decor, this bird feeder makes a thoughtful and distinctive gift.


>Materials: Natural, unfinished Birch wood.


– Craftsman Bird Feeder: 10 inches (H) x 8.5 inches (W) x 8.5 inches (D)

– Miniature Lantern: 5 inches (H) x 3 inches (W) x 3 inches (D)

>Color: Natural wood tones, finish with a spray clear protective coating, or Exterior grade color too!

>Add your own Mason Jar to make a complete Bird Feeder Kit. Standard Mouth, 1 Quart. (Not included)

>Add your own LED Tealight (no heat or flame) to the Lantern to brighting up your evening!

>Lighting Options: We offer both Battery or Solar String lights for gifting the Feeder.

Elevate your outdoor space with a bird feeder that merges design genius with functionality. Experience the satisfaction of witnessing birds flock to a masterpiece inspired by the visionary Frank Lloyd Wright and the Arts & Crafts Movement from the 20th Century. Add this exquisite bird feeder to your cart and let your garden become a haven for both nature and art.

(Note: Each bird feeder might have slight variations due to the natural characteristics of the wood and the intricacies of laser-cutting.)

Immerse yourself in the world of architectural wonder and avian delight – order your Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 3D puzzle bird feeder today!

4 reviews for Craftsman Prairie Style Bird feeder & Wright Lantern. Wooden 3D puzzle kits. DIY model you build! Mason Jar w/ Seed Not Included.

  1. barbara asner

    Have a very nice day

  2. Deborah Allen

    This gift was a hit. It was too beautiful to be hung outside the recipient said. It is a valued solar lantern hanging inside her home near a back window.

  3. skidmorerebecca

    It is very pretty !!!

  4. Bavzel Shearwater

    As pictured, fast shipping, beautiful feeder.

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