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Custom Engraved Tree Swing – Brazilian Walnut

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The highest quality swing available. Period. Using the best, densest oily hardwood. Impenetrable to rot, weather, insects, and time. Don’t waste your time on other’s cheap pine. These swings will outlast all of us. Weight Limit 2000+ lbs.

Send me a message and i’ll design a full rendition for you. Check out for more pics

Fully Customize-able Engraved tree swing using an exotic hardwood called (Brazilian Walnut). One of the strongest and most decay resistant woods in the world. It is resistant to mold, mildew and fungus. It is extremely dense and heavy with a lovely tight interlocked grain pattern, and has been known to last up to 100 years.

This is no ordinary wood. Pick it up and you’ll be amazed by its feel, strength, weight, and patterns.

—X-Large swing size – 24″-26″ x 9.25″ Wide x 1-1.5″ Thick 5/8″ Rope.

—Large swing size – 24″-26″ x 7.25″ Wide x 1″ Thick 5/8″ Rope.

— Standard swing size – 24″ x 5.25″ Wide x 1″ Thick 1/2″ Rope

—Rope – Highest quality 1/2″ Pro-Manilla (5,600 lbs breaking strength) I tie the knots for you. 25′ per strand

—Swing Edges are precision machined to a 1/4″ radius

—Swing is oiled using a fine penetrating hardwood oil


Almost Anything! Text, line art, animals… I will design and supply a rendition for you so you know exactly what you’re getting. Let me know if you like something you see pictured or have a wild and crazy idea.

—Check out Any and all fonts can be used

—Line art looks great engraved

—I’ll show you what you’re getting via a rendition I send you

Note: No stain is used on these swings. The color seen is the natural color of the wood with a clear oil applied. Colors of wood although the same species may naturally vary from light to dark. Small imperfections are normal and add character! Surface cracks do not propagate.

4 reviews for Custom Engraved Tree Swing – Brazilian Walnut

  1. Amey French

    Nicely done. Easy to work with and received on time.

  2. Lacey Lane

    This swing is perfect! We bought it as a memorial for our first family dog. The seller took all information into account and personalized a perfect memorial swing for us.

  3. Nancy Lyons

    This swing is gorgeous. Exactly what I wanted. The quote is lovely. The whole piece is a work of art and there were definitely tears when this gift was opened. Thank you!

  4. tj martin

    Exceeded my expectations. Superior craftsmanship, communication and shipping. Highly recommend

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