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Daisy Petite Bird Feeder

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The Daisy Petite Glass & Metal Hanging Bird Feeder is a must-have for any outdoor garden space. Use the open top hook to find the perfect spot for your feeder, then sit back and enjoy as bluebirds, orioles, juncos, and other songbirds dine in luxury and whimsy. The flared petal design gives your birds multiple perching points, so they can enjoy their food together. The Daisy Feeder is composed of recycled glass and powder-coated metal, ensuring the bird s safety and the feeder s durability. Change food daily with the detachable glass bowl, and use different types of food to attract a greater variety of birds. Hand wash only.

Items M948-200 Easy Hook Nylon Rope and M955-200 Easy Hook Hanging Steel Cable, sold separately.


-Ample Volume – Large enough to support multiple birds at once

-Simple Attach Design – Provides a simple and effective way to hang your feeder

-Flower Glass Bowl – Flower petals act as perching points to allow multiple songbird to rest at once for a prolonged viewing experience

-Detachable Glass Bowl – Makes restocking bird feed simple and easy, and allows for quick cleaning

-Eco Friendly Design and Construction- Environmentally conscious design ensures the durability of the feeder and the safety of the bird

-Product Measurements: 8″ L x 8″ W x 14.75″ H

-Beautiful Packaging – Gift boxed to create a beautiful and memorable gift for any gardener, bird watcher, or nature lover

-Products are painted and baked with lead free paint.

-Care Instructions – Hand Wash Only

4 reviews for Daisy Petite Bird Feeder

  1. gaylacopley

    Super cute bird feeder!! Not as mini as you might think!!

  2. Laura

    Everything went well. It did not arrive broken which is good.

  3. gaylacopley

    These are super cute. I got them as a gift. Bigger than I thought too! The color were perfect!

  4. Sandra Bittaker

    This arrived really fast and was in perfect condition. It’s very pretty. I bought it for my downstairs porch to put mealworms in for the birds.

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