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DIY Plow Resistant Mailbox Post Hardware Kit – Stainless Steel – Standard

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If you have lost a mailbox or two this year, you know how much trouble it is to get a new one up, especially in the winter months. The Postal Pivot™ is a, plow resistant, mailbox post kit that is designed to provide a first line of defense against the abuses a mailbox see in the winter months.

How it Works

The Postal Pivot™ is a plow resistant mailbox post that allows the mailbox to rotate when it is struck reliving stresses. The mailbox returns to the centered position, on its own, without the use of springs or motors. This defense is particularly effective against the relentless tidal waves of snow created by plow trucks in the winter months.

This is a DIY kit that contains all of the hardware required to construct a swinging mailbox post. This kit includes directions which will walk you through each step of the installation. The directions are packed with illustrations and diagrams to make installation as easy as possible.

Lumber and Mailbox is not included with this kit

The black painted pivot shown is no longer available. This kit now contains a unpainted, highly corrosion resistant stainless steel pivot!

Also Available-

Postal Pivot Premium which includes an all stainless anchor bracket, screws, washer, nuts.

4 reviews for DIY Plow Resistant Mailbox Post Hardware Kit – Stainless Steel – Standard

  1. Marjorie Ann

    My BIL and friend built this with the directions it came with. It turned out great time will tell if it survives this winter 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Karen Anderson

    We have a new house on a lake, where we get lots of snow. We didn’t want the ugly swivel metal snowplow posts, and this was perfect!!

  3. rowan

    Easy to install (at least if you have sand soil – you do have to dig a post hole!). Instructions were really good for drilling the holes and cutting the (not included) lumber. I found using a drill press to be good, or if you have a drill guide I might recommend that, so you know you’re drilling square in. I liked the inclusion of the drill level although we wound up not using it.
    All my neighbors are jealous! Installed just in time for some snow.

  4. Alberto Fusi

    It looks great and seems to do what is intended for. Our mailbox got hit by a passing car a couple of times. I’m pretty sure the swing mechanism will help should it happen again.

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