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FAIR TRADE – Mayan Cotton Hammocks – 100% Hand Woven Hammock – Traditional Yucatan Hammock – FREE Shipping from Maui, Hawaii

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Discover the enchanting world of handcrafted, fair trade hammocks that are made with love and dedication. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on our exquisite collection, sourced directly from the heart of Maui, Hawaii.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the exceptional craftsmanship of our Mayan/Yucatan hammocks, widely regarded as the best in the world. As the only certified B Corp (Fair Trade) hammock company in the Yucatan, we collaborate with skilled artisans who have mastered the art of weaving on looms, creating hammocks with thousands of intricate loops. Passed down through generations, these traditional Mayan woven hammocks are cherished for their unparalleled comfort, making them a favorite among hammock enthusiasts.


We prioritize both breathability and resilience in our hammocks. The hammock bed is crafted from 70% naturally breathable cotton, while the end lines incorporate 30% weather-resistant nylon for added durability.

Choose from an enticing array of colors, including 2 BLUE, OCEAN, NATURAL (undyed cotton), BLACK, PURPLE, LIGHT GREEN, ORANGE, TEQUILA, and a captivating MULTI-COLOR BLEND handpicked by our skilled artisan weavers.


When selecting a size, consider the intended use and hanging location of your hammock. Our experienced team at the Maui Hammock Shop advises:

“For woven hammocks without a spreader bar, it’s more important to focus on height rather than distance when hanging. Achieve a smile-shaped curve by hanging the hammock in a banana or crescent moon shape, allowing you to comfortably lean back for support while reading or savoring a refreshing beverage. To sleep, lie at an angle to achieve a flat back position. More fabric and cord allow for better stretching and personalized comfort.”

SINGLE ($99.98):

Ideal for travel, this compact and lightweight hammock weighs just 1.5 pounds. With a body length of 6.24 ft and a width of 2.62 ft, it offers a weight support of 350 pounds. Despite its size, this introductory Mayan-style hammock provides ample space to relax, often leading to a desire for a larger size once you experience its ultimate comfort.

DOUBLE ($134.98):

Perfect for individuals on a budget or for occasional visits from friends, our double-sized hammock weighs 3 pounds and accommodates a weight of 550 pounds. With a body length of 6.5 ft and a width of 5.5 ft, it comfortably embraces two people. While compact enough for camping and picnics, it expands up to 7 feet, providing generous space for optimal comfort.

FAMILY ($159.98):

Experience the epitome of comfort with our largest hammock option. Weighing 3.9 pounds and capable of supporting up to 900 pounds, this hammock is designed for both individual indulgence and comfortable family lounging. With a body length of 7.5 ft and an impressive width of 10 ft, it extends up to 14 ft, providing ample room to relax. The open weave design stretches up to 12 feet, allowing you to cocoon yourself or accommodate a family of four with ease.


Mayan hammocks are created using the sprang weaving technique on looms, an indigenous needlework tradition passed down through generations. Each hammock incorporates 3-5 miles of string, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled comfort. Breathable and contouring to your body, these hammocks offer a sense of weightlessness and alleviate any discomfort, making them a popular alternative to beds in many households.

By supporting our fair trade initiative, you contribute to the livelihood of over 500 families throughout the Yucatan countryside, many of whom have been weaving hammocks for generations. We proudly collaborate with a family that has been supplying the highest quality string for over 35 years. From start to finish, we guarantee ethically sourced Mayan hammocks of the utmost quality and comfort, allowing you to relax with a clear conscience.

4 reviews for FAIR TRADE – Mayan Cotton Hammocks – 100% Hand Woven Hammock – Traditional Yucatan Hammock – FREE Shipping from Maui, Hawaii

  1. Jessica Marquez

    Colorful, comfortable and just as described. Length was easily fitted to our frame.

  2. Robin

    pretty and comfortable; as pictured on site

  3. ivan molina

    Beautiful, good quality and fast delivery.

  4. autumnlooijen

    Helpful sellers, fast shipping — and the hammock is perfect!

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