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Gardening Mystery Box

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We are having so much fun with our Seasonal Subscription Boxes that we decided to add a few themed boxes to fill out the year. Each box is a little different. Some of the goodies you’ll find are gardening gloves, seeds, garden tools, a journal/notebook, a candle, and more!

6 reviews for Gardening Mystery Box

  1. Lynda

    This is the first time I’ve got these products and not only are they amazing but the seller even came and dropped it off. I would highly recommend buying here again!
    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, Camille. We appreciate your review!
    ~ Jeanne

  3. Camille

    Great value and love the items in the box, especially the oil blend and quartz pendant. Seller gave personal attention to delivery since we were in the same area. Looking forward to the next seasonal box!

  4. Anonymous

    thanks, Lisa. I am so glad you liked.
    ~ Jeanne

  5. Lisa Heim

    thank you!

  6. Anonymous

    What fun to receive this box of beautiful surprises! I’ll keep some for myself and give some away as gifts! Thank you to Jeanne for exceptional customer service and curating this box of blessings!

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