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Modern Mid Century Mailbox Instructions

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* FYI: your purchase includes a digital download of INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. They show you how to exactly build the mailbox. You are NOT paying for the actual completed mailbox.


Build your very own unique and stylish¬†Mid-Century inspired mailbox.¬† Bring¬†style and¬†curb-appeal¬†to your home.¬† Don’t¬†pay a professional to do something¬†you can do in 2-3 days for a fraction of the cost.¬†¬†

With these detailed instructions (and photos), I walk you through every single step you need to create this one-of-a-kind mailbox that will make your neighbors compliment you for years to come. 

Along with over 30 photos showing the project, you will get step-by-step instructions that will walk you through the 4 easy steps it takes to make this beautiful mailbox.¬† Starting with a detailed list of all the materials needed to build the mailbox.¬† Then, moving onto the pouring concrete pad and adding the anchors that will support your mailbox for a lifetime (concrete pad is an optional step if that worries you).¬† Then, cutting the support posts to the correct height and adding the trim, and finally finishing it off with the metal numbers and the right stain to protect your masterpiece.¬† I will also let you know where to get the materials.¬†¬†The quantities.¬† The measurements.¬† The how-to.¬† The prices.¬† And more.¬† These step-by-step instructions will not only give you the confidence to tackle this project like a professional, but it will¬†minimize numerous trips to the hardware store and the countless hours and hours searching (and hoping) for the perfect online video that will teach/show you¬†everything you need to know (it doesn’t exist by the way. i searched too.). ¬† ¬†

Do yourself a favor¬†and purchase these detailed instructions today. If you don‚Äôt buy today, you know you will put it off and will go another year looking at your old ugly mailbox.¬† There is never a ‚Äėperfect‚Äô time to start. So, just start that process today. You won’t regret it.¬† You’ll save time¬†planning, driving,¬†and researching (not to mention your sanity… it takes the thinking out of getting this weekend DIY-job done right).¬† It is¬†100%¬†worth it.

* As with all my instructions/projects, you don’t have to be ‘handy’. I’ve had experienced builders use the instructions, as well as novices. I’ve had a mother and son build it together and they had a blast. And I’ve had a few customers start it and when they felt like they couldn’t do it any more, they got a handyman to finish it off… still saving them money by starting it themselves.

* FYI, approximate total costs of the build:

– The wood ‘slats’ will cost you about $50-$175. It depends on what kind of wood you purchase: Redwood ($$$) vs Pine or Cedar ($).

– For all other materials: concrete (optional), post anchors (optional), mailbox, treated wood posts, screws, stain, etc, you are looking at spending another $100-$195. That depends on what stain you get and what tools/items you already have at home.

– The mailbox I purchased was about $99. It’s one of the best mailboxes out there. Be careful with other cheaper mailboxes. Read the reviews. Some of the cheaper ones allow water to get in during a rain. The one I used keeps mail totally dry. *The instructions also include where to get the mailbox.

Happy building everyone. You can do this!

4 reviews for Modern Mid Century Mailbox Instructions

  1. mgh0119

    Had to adjust some dimensions but I’m real pleased with how it turned out.

  2. Aaron

    We are very happy with our mailbox that we build using the plans from Sensei Creations! The instructions were detailed, easy to follow, and included helpful pictures and a full list of tools and materials. Even our postal carrier was ecstatic with the finished product. Highly recommended for anyone looking to upgrade their curb appeal!

  3. Roberto Olortegui

    Great all in time neat

  4. Hope Harel

    Super helpful, tons of information.

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