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Premium Raised Garden Bed 1.25″ Thickness | Eastern Red Cedar Wooden Planter for Outdoor Plants | Large 48x48x11 Inch | Made in Virginia

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* 100% NATURAL | The raised garden bed is made with natural materials, eco-friendly, the main material used for the outdoor planter is untreated eastern red cedar – No harmful or toxic chemicals near your tomato, flowers, cucumber, herb, lettuce.

* BUILT TO LAST 100% Manufactured in Virginia, USA | The garden bed box is made with the best materials sourced and milled by a small business locally owned sawmill in Virginia. Cedar lumber is resistant . Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) is very rot resistant and will last for years even when in contact with soil.

* MODULAR DESIGN | Our raised garden bed for gardening can be easily placed side by side, and is easy to move. Want a rectangular bed? Buy two units and place them side by side. Customize your arrangement to fit your yard as needed!

* PERFECT FOR NEW GARDENERS | Our raised garden bed is easy to assemble and maintain, making it ideal for anyone new to gardening

* 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OR MONEY BACK | If you have any issues with the product just contact us and will take care of the problem

IMPORTANT: Please note that eastern red cedar will weather and take on a silvery gray appearance when exposed to the elements over time. This does not affect the integrity of the cedar and it will retain its rot resistance for many years without the need for any staining or sealing treatments. However, if you want to preserve the distinctive red color of the eastern red cedar, we recommend applying a penetrating clear sealant such as the Penofin brand of penetrating sealer, or the Messmer UV-PLUS line of sealants.

Here are some potential pros for using a raised planter bed in the spring season:

IMPROVED DRAINAGE: Raised planter beds can help improve drainage, which is especially important in spring when the soil is often wet from melting snow and spring rains.

BETTER SOIL QUALITY: You can fill raised planter beds with high-quality soil, which can lead to healthier plants and better yields.

PEST CONTROL: Raised planter beds can help protect plants from certain pests that may be more prevalent in the spring, such as slugs and snails.

IMPROVED ACCESSIBILITY: If you have mobility issues, raised planter beds can be easier to access and work in compared to ground-level beds.

HIGHER YIELDS: Because raised planter beds can offer better soil and drainage, they can often result in higher yields of fruits and vegetables.

GREAT CONTROL OVER THE GROWING ENVIRONMENT: With a raised planter bed, you have more control over the growing environment, including temperature, moisture levels, and exposure to sunlight. This can be especially beneficial in spring when weather can be unpredictable.

AESTHECALLY PLEASING: Raised planter beds can add visual interest to your garden and can be a great way to incorporate plants into small or urban spaces.

6 reviews for Premium Raised Garden Bed 1.25″ Thickness | Eastern Red Cedar Wooden Planter for Outdoor Plants | Large 48x48x11 Inch | Made in Virginia

  1. Jason

    Very quick and efficient communication

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Nancy, Thank you for your positive feedback. We are happy that you love your new planter bed! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

  3. Nancy Derby

    We are thrilled that loved your new planter beds! also, that was a good decision on adding a sealant on them. This will help them to keep vibrant red color for years!

  4. radka daly

    Absolutely beautiful! So easy to put together.
    I love it and will definitely order again next spring

  5. Elena

    Exactly as described. Very happy with these garden beds. I did add a clear sealant.

  6. Anonymous

    Love my raised beds, cute and easy to assemble

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