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Raised Cedar Garden Planter 14″ Tall 41″ Long (20 Year All Weather) New addition Redwood

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I make these planters year round as a hobby and the people I have made them for have been very impressed and happy with them. It’s therapy for a Disabled American Veteran and my daughters like to see things assembled. So I thought perhaps it may turn out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for someone here.

The planter measures 14″ tall, 41″ wide, 14″ front to back, and 8 1/2″ deep. They are perfect for a front porch, an arrangement of raised garden beds or just decorating your garden with herbs, flowers, or other veggies. It’s up to you, naturally. They are made purely from dried FSC certified cedar that’s planed and sanded then stained and assembled.

It has three coats of Spar Urethane on all sides and four on the bottom and very top. Cedar is the gold standard to stand up to weathering and rot, as well as being the best at repelling insects. Add to that the added water prevention from the Spar Urethane really makes these last. This planter will last for decades.

All boxes are designed to slow drain from water but I’m happy to drill drain holes prior to shipping and I have pre-cut cotton fiber that fits perfectly over the bottom included in the price.

I can also make these to any size requirements as well.

I’m trying to add a rotating and rotating/locking casters wheel option. A customer recently asked me to beef up the legs with some cedar and attach some reasonable caster wheels but to hide them as much as I could. I match the stain purchase and cut down two 8′ 2×4’s joint them together and cut them to length for all six legs. Glue and half a hundred screws and it’s very sturdy. I just can’t add it without getting 24 variations. It’ll get fixed.

**Please Note: Just sold another of the 20” tall version. Customer purchased with the $203 shipping from the US Post Office (shipping MI to MN)—which is a bit humbling. We were happy to let the customer know that shipping through UPS shipping was only $79 and upon delivery we’d be refunding the difference. If shipping seems high and you’re on the fence message us and we can look it up for you with other shipping methods. TY!**

2 reviews for Raised Cedar Garden Planter 14″ Tall 41″ Long (20 Year All Weather) New addition Redwood

  1. Diana Jacobsen

    Wonderful quality and workmanship! I will be following this artisan!

  2. incavok

    Great. Customer service! Shipping quality too

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