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Starlight Lodge© Bluebird condo Large cypress bird house w thick cedar shingles and copper borders birdhouse poly Free FedEx Shipping *

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Blue birds will simply love this lovely cypress condominium. Up to 4 families of bluebirds will inhabit this complex with interior walls for privacy between families.

The Starlight Lodge© birdhouse is handmade from mahogany, swamp cypress and red cedar with heavy copper roof accents.

“Built like a Tank” ™ is the motto that we at Southern Bird Gardens™ have used for all these nearly 22 years due to the extra thick and solid materials we use.

Hand made entirely in Atlanta GA with very thick moisture resistant domestic and tropical woods and a recycled PVC platform for year round service to the birds without any fear of rotting in humid or dry climates.

Easy cleaning. Simply remove the four solid brass screws and the entire unit along with the interior walls lifts off the base in one piece. Simply whisk away the nesting material and set back down.

The Walls:

The walls are hand cut from full 1 inch thick Georgia swamp cypress, kiln dried to allow the paint to adhere for a lifetime of beauty. We use four coats of the best quality exterior grade enamel paint available. To occasionally clean simply rinse with the garden hose or wipe off with Clorox wipes (any brand will do).

The Perches:

The perches are hand routed from East African mahogany. As a tropical wood it is well suited for years of exposure to the elements and provides a striking contrast to the white painted cypress to which it is attached. We all love the unmistakable grain of mahogany.

The Shingles:

The shingles are heavy-cut western red cedar from British Columbia which I cut 1/4 inches thick (shingles from other makers are often cut paper-thin, less than 1/8 inch like tongue depressors) so no curling or degrading will occur. Using a band saw I have been hand cutting these shingles using the same method for 22 years. These shingles require no treatment such as any type of water seal or linseed oil. Simply allow the roof to breath and you will enjoy the stunning scallop look for many years. The roof is further enhanced with dazzling one inch wide copper strips on the edge of each of the eight roof panels with the copper strips attached with solid copper boat nails from Norway. Initially these copper strips are shiny but, in time will patina to a stunning verdigris. Quite an elegant little touch.

The Base:

The underlying base and supports are made from thick polywood (recycled plastics – no painting or waterproofing required). Help our planet in every way you can.

Each of the four separate compartments has its own individual entryway. Each doorway is surrounded and protected with the addition of a solid copper portal to keep squirrels from chewing away for their own frustrating attempts at nesting inside.

Weighing in at 19 pounds with one inch thick walls and heavy cut shingles (one quarter inch thick) it truly will last a lifetime.

“Built like a Tank”™ has always been our motto at Southern Bird Gardens™. And rightly so, lifting this up in your arms takes quite a feat of strength!

The Lodge is octagonal with dimensions of 15″ wide and 29 ” tall. This unit will simply rest over the top of any standard 4X4 post ( dimmensionally 3 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ ) easily found at any home center.

There is no requirement for attachment to the post. The weight will hold it in place and the wind will not lift this heavy birdhouse. Should you wish to add a set screw you can.

Comes with post mount built in. Post not included.

Ventilation: The Starlight Lodge© is designed in such a way so that flow through ventilation is available to each compartment for the comfort of your birds.

Your bird friends will simply love the Starlight Lodge©. They will thoroughly enjoy raising their young chicklets surrounded by the very solid walls for protection from the harsh elements.

Gift giving:

For most of us gift giving can be perplexing. Some folks have just about everything. For those people, whether it’s a family member, business associate or a customer, your friend will jump for joy when he or she receives this unique and high quality gift and will remember your thoughtfulness every time they see it on their property. It can be shipped directly to them if you wish or it can be presented in person so that you can see the smile of delight. Happiness all around……

Occasions: birthdays, housewarming, promotion, new job, retirement a personal thank you or just a simple friendship gift (the best in my opinion)

If you’re looking for a complimentary pair this is a perfect match to the Starlight Cafe©.

Spread the Joy!

This birdhouse retails in stores for $249. Support an American craftsman and buy direct. Thank you.

Any questions about any of my hand crafted products or any delivery questions, please call Bill at 770.673.8490 or toll free 1.866.6FEEDER (866.633.3337)

Please understand that the products that I create are handmade, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections. Although I am very thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, each item will look slightly different from the next.

* Free reliable FedEx shipping within the contiguous United States

4 reviews for Starlight Lodge© Bluebird condo Large cypress bird house w thick cedar shingles and copper borders birdhouse poly Free FedEx Shipping *

  1. Kay

    I can’t wait to get this lovely house mounted in my yard. I’m eager to see if the bluebirds find it and if it effectively deters the ubiquitous English Sparrows which invade bluebird houses often pecking open eggs and even killing adults.

  2. Laura Case

    Absolutely gorgeous and well made!

  3. alvin

    Looks better than the photo!

  4. Belinda JAMES

    Great birdhouse, Easy to install and clean

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