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Vertical CEDAR Planter Box Ladder, 24 Sizes!

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Be the envy of the neighborhood or create an enchanting patio or balcony space with our 3, 4, 5 or 6′ Vertical CEDAR Planter Box Ladder!

This gorgeous show stopper may be used to create a wall of cascading flowers or an ideal growing space for strawberries, salad greens, small vegetables or herbs.

Even without any foliage you will enjoy the crisp clean aroma of CEDAR which is naturally water, decay and insect resistant. Cedar even repels mosquitos!

We craft all of our planters with 100% untreated, all natural CEDAR which has been the preferred choice for outdoor use for ages.

Compare and you will find that our ladder planters provide the best quality and most growing space for the best value. Additionally, our 36″ options use the sturdiest legs of any available (full 1″ cedar deck boards) which are necessary for this wide option. We also use outdoor decking screws to assemble. Others use tiny brad nails to assemble which will allow the boards to warp and curl, pulling open at the seams. Compare the reviews on lower priced imitations to our reviews and you will see that experience, quality technique and quality materials make all the difference. No one builds a better cedar planter than we do.

Go ahead and plant directly in the natural CEDAR boxes and expect them to last for many years. No treatment to the CEDAR at all is required but you can certainly add a liner or food safe treatment like Walnut, Linseed, Tung or Teak Oil. Any of these and many other choices can be applied with a simple rag or brush in minutes before use or after a few years when you want to perk up your planter. Ask us about food safe finishes for more information. Your entire planter arrives beautifully sanded and ready for treatment should you choose to add any now or later.

We personally plant directly in our CEDAR planters with no treatment at all. After 5 years of Iowa winters I treated the outside only, to brighten up minimal UV fading. This can be done from time to time per individual taste. Otherwise, they are like new after being watered and weathering the elements for years.

Please be sure to research the type of wood being used in the planters you purchase both in the boxes and the legs. You will not find a wood that will hold up better in the elements than CEDAR. Additionally, please be aware that if you are purchasing “treated” woods, these are treated with a variety of toxic chemicals that are not compatible with growing food. If you choose a “pallet wood” be advised that these are typically pine, a wood known for having the fastest decay rate and often treated with the carcinogen methyl bromide.

If other listings do not specify “CEDAR”, they are likely using inexpensive pine. Pine planters will be moldy planters after a season whereas CEDAR is renowned for its ability to change very little over time.

All of our photos are of actual planters we have built. Always rely on reviews to be sure you are working with a reliable seller who actually delivers what they say they will deliver, something as beautiful as the photo.

We build in Iowa, buy our lumber in Iowa and all of our lumber is sustainably harvested American lumber milled in America.

Our gardeners also appreciate knowing that we complete each box with small drainage holes large enough to allow water to slowly drain but small enough to prevent soil loss, for ideal growing conditions.

Our reviews also note the attention to detail in our planters. We take extra care to sand and round corners, choose the best hardware, hand select beautiful boards and space the boxes meticulously so that you have the most esthetically pleasing addition to you outdoor space. We consider ourselves artists as much as craftsmen. We understand that our homes and our gardens are our works of art so we strive for our planters to be as attractive as they are functional.

All holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly of legs to boxes with a basic screwdriver or drill and easy to follow instructions. Each planter has the same number of boxes as feet in height, so for example, 3′ tall planters have 3 boxes and 6′ tall planters have 6 boxes!

Best of all, we plant a tree in a national forest through the National Forest Foundation, for every order we receive!

Need a custom size or spacing of boxes? Message us. We may be able to help.

Don’t forget to add our exclusive Super Soft and Gentle CEDAR Mulch to your order to keep your new plants moist and healthy!

4 reviews for Vertical CEDAR Planter Box Ladder, 24 Sizes!

  1. Eliana Rey

    Great addition to our new deck!

  2. Gina

    The item arrived in two shipments, a day apart. Both boxes were fine, no damage. The cedar is good quality, and easy to put together. It’s going to be beautiful on our back wall.

  3. nicholehayden517

    Item was as described, high quality material.

  4. LucyPete

    Simple and effective way to display plants against an exterior wall without compromising the siding

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