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Window Bird Feeder House – The Original 3D Printed Bird Portal Feeder – Made in Portland – Oregon – USA – Est. 2022

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🌟 Bring the beauty of nature to your window with The Bird Portal, a simple yet elegant bird feeder that offers a front-row seat to your feathered friends’ snack time!

🌟 Setting up The Bird Portal is a breeze! Simply find a nice spot on your window, clean the area, remove the adhesive backing, align the feeder, apply it to the window, and fill it with bird feed! The adhesive and feeder can be easily removed when the time comes, thanks to the included straight razor.

🌉 Each Bird Portal is designed and printed with care in Portland, Oregon, using the highest-quality, USA-made biodegradable thermo-plastic. This eco-friendly material is manufactured strictly from renewable resources derived from the sugars in switchgrass, sugar beet, and corn.

💮 Sizes 💮

🌺 Standard Medium 🌺

100% Scale (Cream & Violet Pictured)

*Perfect for smaller single birds, such as finches and chickadees. Smaller birds tend to feel more comfortable at this feeder, as it provides them with their own little private booth and prevents larger birds from swooping in and stealing their feast.

Width: 144mm / 5.66″

Depth: 50.75mm / 1.99″

🌺 Large 🌺

125% Scale (Wood Infused & Black Pictured / Other Colors Available Upon Request)

*Perfect for a couple of smaller birds or a single medium-sized bird, such as a Towhee or a larger bird like a Scrub Jay!

Width: 180mm / 7.08″

Depth: 66mm / 2.60″

🌟 At Portland Printed, we take pride in our work and have a team of ten cutting-edge precision robots that work around the clock to ensure that your Bird Bistro is printed with the utmost care.

4 reviews for Window Bird Feeder House – The Original 3D Printed Bird Portal Feeder – Made in Portland – Oregon – USA – Est. 2022

  1. Nicole Casner

    I bought this as a wedding gift for my (now) husband. He works from home and is always sending my snapchats of birds when I’m away. I love receiving those pics and we both are learning about what kind of birds are making appearances at our home. This window feeder definitely keeps this going for us. The seller reached out to me when I first purchased the feeder and he’s absolutely wonderful. He added some special touches like a personalized gift tag. The shipping was quick and the feeder itself is great quality and design. Definitely recommend this as a gift to a love one!

  2. Jessica

    This was a gift for someone dear to me, and she loved it. Seller sent me news and cute little videos of my order to keep me updated. I definitely recommend this shop 👌

  3. fogartymaureen1

    Beautifully made! So carefully and beautifully wrapped!

  4. mrsw101495

    This seller was a pleasure to work. To be honest, I thought the feeder was going to be a little darker than it is, but I still really like it. It was packaged very, very well, and I loved all the little surprises I kept finding in the box – what a thoughtful touch to this very unique feeder. I haven’t yet decided where to place it, but am looking forward to many years of enjoyment when I do find a place for it.

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